About Walter O’Brien

Walter O’Brien is the founder and CEO of “Think Tank for Hire” Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., with over twenty years in the corporate, start-up and consulting sectors. O’Brien is an angel investor, mentor, board member and start-up adviser and Executive Producer and the inspiration behind CBS’s hit television show, Scorpion.

Walter O’Brien and his team apply their knowledge and demonstrated success in IT architecture, quality assurance, and process methodologies as a globalization and regulatory compliance thought leader.

Walter O’Brien has a proven track record in reducing risks and costs while growing revenue for companies including Capital Group (American Funds), Oracle, Fujitsu, Trados (Microsoft), Baltimore Technologies and Critical Path.


Architecture, Quality Assurance & Risk Management

Leadership and Team Building

Technical depth and complex problem solving abilities

IT Best Practice Project Management Methodologies

Level 5 CMMi, CobiT & ITIL Service Level Management

Compliance: SAS70, Schedule 13G & Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

What is Walter O’Brien’s IQ?

Holding degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from University of Sussex, Walter O’Brien (hacker handle: “Scorpion”) was a high IQ child prodigy who scored 197. He started programming computers at age nine. Walter founded “Scorpion” when he was 13 years old as he recognized that he could bring together other smart talented engineers from around the world and using a little E.Q. — Emotional Quotient — and a scientific project-management approach they could solve not only technical problems but life problems.

O’Brien was the Keynote Speaker at the MENSA 2016 annual gathering in San Diego, California.

Official Walter O’Brien IQ: 197